The church Website is also Out

The Website is now out and we really like it.The website has lots of functionalities that when utilized well, they will really help all our members when  in and out of the Continent. All along the Church has been operating on an empty platform(paper work). 

We now thank God that we have a new season where the Church and the Whole membership has to a rise and Shine for their light has come on us. we are now MOVING FORWARD (Deut 1:1-6).

The website shall offer:

  • The General information about the Church( New testament Church of God). here
  • Administrative Bishop Channel of Communication to the Members through the email subscription, and even by posting the encouraging
  • Members can access the downloads such as recent published content and then then use it, Even Declaration of
  • The website also provided a gallery of Events that ht e church does and
  • It provides the Link to the reporting online for the System



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