As a church, we would like to appreciate you for your support in this ministry regardless the distance but also through prayer, Our IT support team is doing a great job. They have again emerged with a new product which has been boosted by our Finance Team.

Lets get you attention for a while, In the past from the time that we launched the CIFMS online reporting system we have been receiving SMS notification from SMSLEOPARD and of late it was changed to AFRICASTAKNG. This was because we were operating on a default Sender’s ID which we had no control over.(Not Paid For) We understand that sometimes it was difficult for you to identify those SMS’s with the church until you read through the whole of them.

Now here is the good news,the Finance team lead by Bsp. Mwalili have now boosted the Technical team and we have purchased a new Sender’s Id from Safaricom which has been customized it to “NTCOGK”. As we talk the Setup is on going and shall be ready on Friday  13th May 2016 . Be rest assured that now you will be receiving the Sms’s from NTCOGK.


  1. Your Payments reach the office(M-pesa is made to the church Paybill number #824520).
  2. Your Church Receipts are generated for your reports(Report is received by the office secretary).
  3. Your Minister’s Reports are received and the Receipt number generated for the same.
  4. The office wishes to communicate to you via SMS.
  5. You are late in submitting your monthly reports.
NOTE: The Every sms that we have discoursed above is copied to your church email account
e.g person@ntcogk.org. If you don't know your Church Email Account please notify us through 
our lines and Our IT team shall help you acquire one, Its simple, secure and Worth you.

Thanks once more for your Support,

Should you have any query, hesitate not to let us aware through our contact lines.

Phone: 0205221226 /+254725878682

IT support center : Click here

Emai: info@ntcogk.org

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