While at the beginning of the journey the road might not seem to be smooth as many would expect. Who really new that at the end comes something new “DHAHABU” (Gold) that is precious, desirable and celebrated┬áby everyone? In large numbers people from all walks of life flocked in to quench their long awaited thirst DD day to witness in person the works of the Lord’s doing. Yes it was a day worthy not being narrated to for you could not just miss. “Mwisho wa Lami” as it is commonly or recognized by the majority in the local area, might have just been the beginning of a new error and a rebirth of a new baby. image

” Early today morning I woke up to pray, and while I was in that moment of prayer the Holy Spirit revealed to me a new name for this church and that name is “MWANZO WA DHAHABU” Said Bhp.Dr. Bwire. These sentiments were received in jubilation all by the young,old and not closing out the children for they could not just afford to hide their great joy of a revelation to the new church.

Mau Narok is such a hilly and mountainous landscape and so getting through by vehicle is such a task, however,it is amusing for the residents of the area are serious farmers very busy in plantation farms. As evidenced here in… images (2)

As a signal of calm the occasion couldn’t be just as it was expected without her excellence First Lady Mrs. Bshp. Alice Bwire’s powerful leads ” BWANA ASIFIWEEEEEEEEE” Aaaaaaaamen.. response from the congregation. I am very very happy and so excited to be here as we celebrate together this wonderful ceremony, I will not speak much allow me welcome my husband,friend and our National Bishop. “Receive greetings from my family and I Greeted the Bishop.” The day was graced by the National Bishop who blessed the church and thanked the entire members who sacrificed their time to stand firm in building the church.


Below the National Bshp. praying for the church members and on the upper right praying for the elderly and far right congregates listening to the sermon.



The Newly opened MWANZO WA DHAHABU Church in Mau Narok above.

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