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Our youth ministry starts at such a time as this when there seems to be a lot happening in this era of Technology and communication revolution.  We expect that there is and there will be differences between the youth in their world and the rest of us who may not really understand them.  This having been said, the youth workers comes in handy to bridge between the youth and passed generation.

Indeed we need the strength of the youth and they need the wisdom of the elderly to be able to make an impact in this society.  I therefore wish to request for the moral support and goodwill of the church so that we will be able to accomplish this together.


  1. East Africa Youth Conference

It was agreed that we have the eastern Africa youth conference once every 2 years Viz: 2016, 2018, and 2020 at the end of the year.  Tentative dates for 2016 will be 22nd November to 25th November cost is $25 per person for accommodation and food.

If each region gives us at least 5 youths then we will be sending 30 youths to the conference.

30 X $25= 750 Registration

30 X $25= 750 Transport to & from Kampala for those coming from the furthest


Totals = $1500 for whole team X 3 years = $4500   Approx. Ksh. 450,000


  1. National conferences/ Camp

We will hold National Youth Conferences in the following years 2016; 2018; and 2020, tentatively this will be in the month of April.  The venue for the 2016 is proposed to be in Eldoret at the Discipleship College from 12th to 15th April 2016.


Table showing; estimated number of youths 400 – Five (5) days camp

For 3 years 1,200,000 X 3 years =Ksh 3,600,000 



  1. Regional conferences

All regions are expected to hold their regional major programs at least once in 2 years.  This could be Rallies; retreats; camps; conferences etc.  This should allow the districts and individual churches to plan and how their programs as well with much ease.


  1. Trainings

Because most of our youth workers are not trained, we will do a yearly training program for the youth workers nationally.  None the less this does not limit training programs at grass root levels.


November 20th and 21st Training for youth leaders

Venue: National Office Nairobi


Estimated number- 6 regions X 10= 60 people X Ksh. 300= 18,000 X 2 Days =36,000 per year


5 years X 36,000= Ksh. 180,000


  1. Exposure

Our youth ministry is a part of the global church and so in these five years we will endeavor to get our young people connected to the rest of the world.  We will begin from our Eastern African Region and keep advancing.  We will use social media for the good of the kingdom.  We already have an FB, page and twitter account several whatts App groups, and Google hangout.


We plan to have city churches join hands and send their youth for mission work in the villages.  This will be done by individual churches or district or regional levels.  This will help the youth to discover their abilities in ministry and help grow our churches through outreach and other missions work.


  1. Ministerial development

As our youth continue to grow spiritually and in leadership, we will continue to recommend our young people for ministerial advancement according to our constitution so that they continue to serve our churches with much commitment.  With this, we do not mean to interfere with the education department, but for a long time youth workers had never been recognized ministerial except for evangelists and pastors.


  1. Community involvement

We will continue to sensitize our youth workers on how to get the young people involved in the community service i.e. cleaning programs, high school ministry, sports etc.  These will publicize our churches and as a form of outreach.


  1. Finance

Finances are very key to the running of the youth ministry. For a start we propose that every youth group in every church will send an offering of their choice to the national office to help run the national youth affairs.  None the less we leave to the office of the bishop to give us direction on this.


NB: we are still working on it to make it better and more realistic as youth dynamics keep changing almost on daily basis.



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