Evangelism and Church Planting

Committee Members.
1.Rev.Francis Wamweya Ng’ang’a – Chairman
2.Rev. David Kinyanjui - Secretary (Western Region)
3.Pastor Francis P.M Mwaura – North Central Region
4.Pastor Peter Otieno Angir – Nyanza Region
5.Pastor Kamira Kithinji – Nairobi Region
6. Rev Jairus Mosoti – North Western Region

Our focus is to fulfill the great commission given to the church by our Lord , Jesus Christ, in Mathew 28:19. In order to achieve this noble goal, We must be intentional in reaching out and sharing the love of Jesus Christ both in word and deed. As a matter of urgency, the church ought to note the following:
1. All believers are witnesses of our lord Jesus
2. The church has been given all the mandate to reach out to the word
In view of the above, the National Evangelism and Church Planting Committee seeks to awaken every believer, Equip and facilitate all efforts of evangelizing with an aim of planting churches. As a church, we need to emphasize on the following:
a. Create time to train and encourage all our church on Evangelism
b. Identify the members in our local churches who are gifted in Evangelism, train and release them to practice it.
c. Form Evangelistic teams on District levels for the sole purpose of reaching out to the lost and possible church planting. Each District, directed by their respective District Overseer in conjunction with the District Evangelism coordinator, develop a schedule of when their members/evangelistic teams will be trained. All Districts should have the trainings done between now and the end of 2017. The National Evangelism and Church Planting Committee shall provide the trainers while the Districts hosts the delegates.
d. This committee in conjunction with the National Education Committee shall develop Evangelistic materials (literature) that can be used by all members in evangelistic efforts.
e. Identify the Regional, District and local church evangelism and church planting coordinators in the efforts of coordinating any National, Regional, District or local evangelism training.
f. Each District overseer be active in effecting evangelistic efforts and mobilize all Pastors in his/her District to fully engage in church planting activities.
g. By the beginning of 2018, the National Evangelism and Church Planting Committee shall be engaged in assessment and evalution of the progress made by every local church in church planting.
h. Each Regional Bishop, with his District Overseers , shall endeavor to Identify/plant a County Church by the year 2020.
Our Target Vision is to encourage each existing church today to evangelize and plant at least TWO more churches within the period of the next 5years (Vision 2020)

Evangelism And Church Planting
Evangelism And Church Planting
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