1st Session: Qualifications for Sunday school teachers

  1. Discuss the Biblical leadership qualifications (1Tim. 3:-6; Ephesians 4:11).
    • Do you need any qualifications or do you only need to be childish and available?
    • Is being an SS the lowest ministry position in church?
    • Are children important enough to be ministered to by people who are educated and committed?
    • Is children ministry a calling or just a place to pass time as one awaits a more prestigious ministry?
    • Explore on the current situation of children ministry in Gpc in terms of punctuality and commitment. How is the current participation? Do we arrive before or after children?
    • Why are we not as attractive to children as we should and what can we do to improve on attendance?


  1. Children ministers must have the time to prepare before ministering to children. Discuss the importance of preparedness.
    • Just as the pastors and other Godly spiritual leaders require time to prepare before ministering in their various assignments, so do children ministers
    • Spiritual disciplines such as Daily reading of the word, prayer and fasting are important for all children ministries.
    • Prepare for every season: Christmas, Easter and other relevant seasons.
    • Have notes for every session
    • Develop your library by investing in good books.
    • Invest in a good bible with study notes, concordance and commentaries. Purchase a bible dictionary or buy a phone that has all these facilities.
    • Be updated with current affairs in order to be effective and relevant to your listeners.


2ND Session: What is the importance of children ministry?

  1. Discuss the importance of children to :
    • God ( John 3:16; Mark 10:13; John 1:10-11)
    • Parents, the Church, Society, the State and to the World.
    • They are fresh and ready to receive the word. They are like empty flash discs without any viruses.
    • The have the potential to be any body and any thing in the world.
    • They are full of years and the longer you take with them the stronger the foundation you build.
    • When you minister to them, you get the same reward as those who minister to any one else.


  1. Discuss the importance of reaching the children early enough (Mark 10:13).
    • What are the various ways of engaging with children in school to enable them commit their lives to Christ at an early age?
    • What practical evangelistic and witnessing tools can we apply to ensure that all Tumaini children leave primary /High school with a BA (Born Again) certificate?
    • Can we give pour selves personal targets of reaching the children one at a time with the objective of introducing them to Christ at a tender age and fooling them at home and at the church to ensure consistent testimony of salvation and daily growth?
    • Discuss the TWO adults and a HALF principle and the Kenyan Evangelist Perception.



3RD Session: How to start and maintain a Vibrant Sunday school class.

  1. Explore various ways of child evangelism that are economical and relevant in the community.
  2. Discuss different ways of attracting children to church and how to make them stick.
  3. Explore ways of bringing parents to church and involve them in children activities.
  4. Discuss effective ways of following up children and parents in to their homes.
  5. Introduce a way of registering children and master roll.
  6. Device a visitation program
  7. Have all the children records like their home numbers, telephones, and birth days.
  8. Make friendships with the parents.
  9. Discuss how to effectively divide children according to age.
  10. Understand children psychology
  11. Discuss how to apply public speaking skill in communicating to children.
  12. Discuss various ways of communicating to children:
    • Music
    • Dramas
    • Poems and memorization
    • Competitions etc.


4TH Session: Leadership development

  1. Identify children with leadership potential and let them help you in various duties
  2. Discuss exciting ways of promoting children from one class to the next.
  3. Involve children in selecting the name of their group.
  4. Assign leadership roles and apply the “Moses” leadership style of delegation.
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